Mexican Vanilla

Vanilla Planifolia is cultivated in the northern zone of the State of Puebla, Mexico. In one of the regions with Denomination of Origin and being one of the most important in the production of Vanilla of the highest quality.

We are a socially committed and responsible company with the growth of the region, with the aim of bringing flavors and culture to different parts of the world, being their commercial allies and always supporting producers in a better quality of life. The plants are cultivated through "Agroforestry Systems" and organic methods, which are friendly to the environment.

We have the Denomination of Origin “Vainilla de Papantla (Vanilla from Papantla)”

Vanilla Planifolia Family: Orchidaceae Subfamily: Vanilloideae

Qualities of our Premium Vanilla.

  • Glossy black appearance.
  • Intense vanilla aroma with notes of cream and caramel.
  • Humidity and Flexibility.
  • Length from 6.7 inches (17 cm).
  • High Vanillin content.
  • Processed: Traditional Method.